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Commodore 64 Version

I remember the first time I've seen this game...... well ,OK we gonna start in a different way this time!

64? Wow! this should be excellent .A Ghostbusters game on a 64 bit machine like the Nintendo 64!! Ehm ... sorry to disappoint you but actually the "64" in the title mean the amount of RAM on the system! So this is another 8bit and 16 colors game...

Ghostbusters Commodore 64 busting sequence (6K)However it is still excellent...GB on C64 in an all-time fact the C64 is an old time classic : a classic game on a classic machine! As I said in the SMS GB game page I consider the Saga Machine's version the best technically but I've a special attraction ( it become hot here he? not to mention what I do in the night with this game in my room ... in the dark....alone lines are forbidden to -18 Old :) ) to this one. I like the dark paletted colors used which , I believe, fits with the ambiance of the movie . ( no GB is not a Dark movie but the best scenes are in dark ambients the Seadwick Hotel busting or the Gozer arrival...that's what I mean). also it have the best GFX of the 8bit Computers system. Just look on how well the proton streams are rendered!

Ghostbusters Commofore 64 Ecto-1 sequence (3K)Having played this game when 6 years old , I forgot about the Music and Sound effects.I've to admit that when I hear them for the first time on the emulator I was impressed. The good quality of the C64 sound chip is well known but I did not except such a quality ... this sounds good even 14 years after its release but what frozen me were the digital speech coming out for the speakers! I did not remember that in this time Digital rendering was already working.... I'm becoming old .. I start to forget stuff.... and still , if other versions offers Digital sounds the C64 are the best. Damn , I forgot to talk about animation ... let's see.... Sprite animation are a beautiful 2-frames GB guy drawn in 3 colors! What did you except from a Commodore 64? Note that this is not so different from all other versions...(except Genesis of course...)


Ghostbusters Commodore 64 GBHQ (5K) The game works like the other 8bit releases... get geared up... race on NYC streets ... bust ghosts etc... or it would be better to affirm that other 8bit versions work like the C64 one since this is the first GB game ever released. Anyway, what this version offer of particular is the possibility to choose up to 4 cars

You should get this version it's so cool! It has that thing more than the still and excellent game on the basis.