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Sega Genesis Version


Here follows the GB GENESIS Docs based on playing experience:

  • Main Screen

Start game : starts a game
Options : access to the options screen where you can set the difficulty level and hear the music and SFX of the game.

  • GBHQ Screen

Use the A,B,C button to skip text

Menu choices:

Action Start : Let you choose a level to start playing or return to a previously chosen and n,ot completed level
Weapon Shop : Aces the Armory where you can buy different anti-spooks weapons
Item shop : Access screen where you can buy item ( Chickens...).

  • Map of NYC

Using the direction choose the level (customer) you wish to start with. The name of the level and the income it pays appear on the upper left of the screen.

  • Action Sequences


A Button: Use bombs
B Button: Fire
C Button: Jump
Start: Pause/Weapons-Items-Map Screen

On the Lower left there is a Blue bar which represent your life that decrease any time you get touched by a spook or by dangerous environs, and a Orange energy bar which represent the Energy left for the use of special weapons

On the Lower center on the left is marked the number of lifes left and on the right the number of bombs.

On the Lower right the Number of mini-bosses you have to beat before encounter the final level boss. If you beat a ghost and get it in a trap a X will be added on the ghost and you will hear a special bonus at the end of the level. Anyway it is mandatory.

Right at the start of the level an Exit arrow indicated the way out of the stage. Follow it to go back to the GBHQ.

  • Items/Weapons/Map Screen & Shops


Directions: Browse through items
C Button : Select Item
A,B Button : None
Start : Back to Action Screen


Energy RegenerationRegenerate your energy level based on the energy left before you exited/ the last level Price starts from 500 and increase
Energy TankIncrease the quantity of energy you can carry. Here again starts from 500 and increase
Three Way shotShoot a blast in 3 direction at once. Very useful
Phaser ShellShoot a very powerful projectile of energy. Slow to arm.
Bubble Projectileshoot a bubblewhich trap the spook instantly. Difficult to use.
ExplosiveShoot a projectile which explode in mid-air in all directions.
Special suitA shield which pump your energy reserves
BarrierPractically Invulnerability. Pump energy continually until turned off by deselecting it which the C key in the Weapon Screen


GyozaRecover part of your life
Peking ChickenRestore entirely your life when selected from the Weapon/Items Screen. Only 1 can be carried at time
Infra-red ScopePermits you to see in the dark
BombKill all the spooks at screen. Does not work on Bosses


  • The map

The bright blue section indicates the already explored section. Note that sometime you need to go back to explorer section to complete the level



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