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Sega Genesis Version


Another Console which needed a GB game. The Genesis was the first real 16bit console system and the game would have to demonstrate the its superiority to the market.Therefore instead of adopting the original license SEGA acquired the permissions and build up a totally new game.

Ghostbuster Genesis  in game action (8K)I've never played this game on a real Genesis and When I got it to use on emulator I've played it for 4 days consequently. I liked it. What is about? It's a simple action game where you jump fire and try to stay alive with some additional option to make it more interesting. Some of those are the possibility to purchase special items (such as bombs or Infrared goggles) different weapons (there are plenty of them) and the possibility to choose dynamically the level to play. For instance , you can choose from which of the four initial stages to start then can go back to GBHQ before trying again to beat the stage. Considering that each level has a different money rewards you can plan in which order to play stages to maximize the profits and the use you make of it. Levels, yeah, let's talk about them...

Ghostbusters Genesis Nice thinking Ray (8K) In order to complete levels you have to beat the level's final boss. However to reach it you must first fight with the level's mini bosses, which number can vary from 1 to 4. Each of them should be trapped to gain additional money but in anyway they have to be defeated. Once this happened the final boss is available. The game provide a level map , made of block, to guide you through the chosen level. It can be very useful , since the stages are quite big (except for 2 of them). The different scenarios where you evolve are quite well build and challenging (if playing in normal mode) The last 2 levels are particularly difficult and full. . The purpose of them all is to collect money as much as you can and recover a piece of a mysterious stone tablet.

Ghostbusters Genesis Busting sequence Once the boss detroyed you have to get it's ghost (9K) Another nice addition in fact is the presence of a plot behind the action. Forget about the movie(s) this is an original story. The GBs while busting find a strange and mysterious piece of stone tablet. While busting ghost in the next levels they recover the missing pieces and discover its secret. The story is simply standard but nice to follow. There is also a cool surprise by the end. Add to it the possibility to choose between 3 character (Winston has been cut out!) with different skills to complete the list of features of this game. One negative point is the "Japanese" look of the game. (I've nothing against Japan..:) ) The fact that GBs need to buy their equipment from and old professor and, what is worst, items from a chinease food reseller (here again I've nothing again China neither) honestly does not excite me....

Ghostbusters Genesis The guys got it! (animated 11K) Now the nicer part, the tech stuff. The GFX are way better than any other GB game (better even than Amiga GB2) As in GAMEBOY GB2 the guys have suffered some esthetically changes (big heads , small body) You may take a while to be used with the new look but it's nice. Note , however, that GB GFX are rated "mediocre" for a Genesis System. Sound is standard with some average tunes (except the GB theme which is better) but I've to report the TERRIBLE music; in my opinion, in the map screen. Animation is good for GBs and bosses , a little worst for the "standard" spooks. Controlling is simple with the 3 button doing a specific tasks an the possibility to shoot in 6 directions. No keys combos are required.

Ghostbusters Genesis HQ (7K) The added plot give you the motivation to get the others pieces of tablet and the wacky bosses light a curiosity.
Get this game anyway it's really fun , challenging and offer a new story with our preferred supernatural eliminators!