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MSX Version


What the hell is an MSX ?! You may ask. Well , I did not know about it either but since there's GB on it...anyway it's a Old 8 bit computer of the Early 80 (1982 to be exact) co-developed by our beloved (Sarcasm) Macro$oft. Most successful in Europe but especially in Russia.

Ghostbusters MSX Map screen (5K)What can I except from this. Well, keep in mind that this is still a 8bit system of 20 years ago, however I was surprised by some variations.

The game is the omnipresent concept by David Crane , get equipment , run around the city , stop Marshmallow and get in to the Shandor Building. What really surprised me were the GFX , which are different from any other version. While similar to the other games we can clearly see that the MSX had a superior definition and this is rGhostbusters MSX shop screen Notice the square corners on the car (3K)eflected all along the game. Also the GFX are not simply converted to the MSX's graphics chip but have been modified or redrawn. For example the cars has some little differences (see the wagon below which has square angle). all GFX in general has a higher resolution and are more defined than the other version., with clearer edges.

On the interface aspect I've to notice that , while the blue bar is present, no Scrolling messages were implemented nor a status report with the space bar. This can be quite annoying since you PStreams can stop to function without alert.

One important note is that I often encountered invisible ghosts , I dunno if it's a bug , an emulator weakness or expressely done but buying a Vision enancher fix it.

Sound are Beeping. Obviously the Sound chip of the MSX wasn't evolved , the music is quite a noise instead of a enterneinement but still better than playing with no sound , Use you MIDI device to soften the music if using an emulator. No voices are available.

Ghostbusters MSX busting sequence Where's the ghost? Better get a vision enancher (4K)

The game play as other Computer versions no more no less. However It seemed to be a little faster , maybe an emulation issue , I'm playing on a P233 so if you have a last generation CPU you'd better check performance options.

The game was , in conclusion, a little surprise due its personal GFX and the rarity of this machine , however the lack of scrolling status report and the problem with the invisible ghost took me unprepared But the gameplay is still there.