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Sega Master System Version


This game as been released a little late compared to the other systems but the waiting time worth it because this is technically speaking the movie adaptation best version around.

Just by starting the game you can see the superior GFX quality. . Continuing on graphics they are by far the best ever made for a GB1 movie license. Most of the screen uses up to 16 colors while in the other versions we normally reach a maximum of 8. The animation , which is not brilliant for a Master System, is still more detailed than in any other version.

The interface is slick and easy, featuring progress bars inidicating the PKE level and Proton Pack power, instead of raw numbers

Ghostbusters Master System busting sequence (7K)The busting sequence features multiple ghosts (see picture) as only the NES version does Also these ghosts are different. You have both the yellow ghosts (roamers) and Slimer. (well drawn) Only two types are not much , still better than the other single-ghost versions. On negative points, the streams are vertical which make the busting easier, and not quite well rendered. Here, as oppsote to the NES verion you need to get the ghosts beetwen the two streams intead of trapping them in the streams. The trick: act fast

Ghostbusters Master System Shandor Building sequence (5K)In the driving sequence you have not only to catch ghost but also to avoid other cars (as in NES GB) and other obstacle as "Work in progress barrier". Althogh an abstacle course is featured in the NES game also, the one on this system is funnier as it is easier and less stessful. This game also features two more sequences absents from the computer versions: The Shandor Building climbing and Gozer final fight (also on NES but different)

Historically, the SMS system has been in the-90 the most powerful 8bit system on the market (except the NEC PC-Engine which was not commercialized in US or Europe officially) but is also know that the weakness of this console was the Sound Chip which was even inferior to the NES one ( its principal challenger on the market.) Therefore the worse part of the game are the sounds

Ghostbusters Master System car selection screen (5K)What makes this game stand out are the nuomerous items avaible to buy. While the NES version also feature noumersos items the one on this console are more uself and affordable which permits more combos to try out. We have the Super Series which are upgraded version of the standard equipmrnt , turbo for you car , walls and for cars to chose from which are different in not only their cost and capacity (as in other GB games) but also in their reaction to shocks got during the driving sequence

Ghostbusters Master System Stay-Puft sequence (6K)This port is one of the best, still using the original great design of Activision but with improvments and better GFX. The only complain are the vertical streams which lower the game challenge but they did a good job with the other features. Reccomended





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