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ZX Spectrum Version


Ahahahah, hehehe, hihihihi, sorry I was "admiring" the GB logo on the title screen of the ZX game. Its so funny! Firstly it's specularly reversed then I'm wondering where is looking at and finally , poor ghost, it's in diet, its head is so slim...hehheeheh. :)

Ghostbusters ZX driving sequence (3K)Well, enough , just think of the artist who made this long time ago.. Sorry guy but You have to admit that "there's something strange" in the drawing you made... OK,OK I stop. Here, done. Yes but this logo.. STOP!! Yet another adaptation of the C64 original GB game. To be clearer here's another clone of the C64 ( well clone at 99% since the logo in the main screen...Don't shoot! I was joking!) . As for the CPC this is perfect copy of the C64; same intro screen (no no title screen , the title screen has a so funny lo....I did not said it hehe!), same shop and map. It also feature the same SFX ( except the laugh at the beginning). In fact the game has been only modified to be executable on a ZX system


Ghostbusters ZX busting sequence (5K)The GFX are the same bitmaps but at higher resolution. Unfortunately due the way the ZX displays GFX on monitor no really enanchement is visible , in my opinion they are worse or at the same level of the C64 but never better. This because the monitor of ZX (software emulated) was a low tech one and make scanlines visible ( horizontal or, sometimes, vertical black lines in the image.) They aren't visible on the screenshots but you can see them while playingAdd to this the palette problems that let sprites leave a square outline of their color when they collide with other sprites and the GFX are ruined. Only the busting sequence's sprites have changed, and they are worse ( right pic).. not forgetting the hilarious no ghost sing..aaaaahhhhh you got me , nooo do not torture me , I beg pardon!! I swear I'll never write about the logo anymore!!


Ghostbusters ZX map screen (6K)The music is the classic GB theme but not to well reproduced by the ZX sound chipset.

The game is the same but this version did not "get me" has the C64 or any others. Maybe because of the GFX displaying probs ( which I honestly hate) or maybe it's the fault of the Slowness of the ZX Spectrum System (apart the emulation which should be fine on a P233, the ZX was slow) Therefore as the C64 has something "more" that let you plays hours and hours the ZX has something "Less" that let you stop earlier. ... but it has this Exceptionally Funny logo!


ZX Spectrum 128 Version

The game has been released 2 years later since the ZX128 appeared in. It's nice to see that Activision though of GB as one of the first game to support the new system. Enough history ...What's new? The music. The 128k version added , along with a total of 128k of RAM, a new sound chip , WAY BETTER than the one used in the standard 48k model. As result the GB theme sounds way better than in the previous version approaching the C64 version which , however, remain the leader when sound output in GB1 games is involved. No other enanchement has been made, GFX, gameplay, controls and account numbers are identically the same has his little bro 48. To be honest , I would get this version instead of the 48k but you are free to get what you want.


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